Dosing Pump

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Dosing Pump


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Dosing pumps
Versatile – Powerful – Precise

KNAUER dosing pumps are precise dual piston pumps for a wide range of applications in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as research and method development. The KNAUER metering pump family covers flow rates from 0.01 ml/min to 1000 ml/min and maximum pressures up to 700 bar. It manages dosing tasks from -10 °C to 120 °C and can deliver viscous liquids up to 1000 mPa·s.

Our dosing pump portfolio supports the conveying and dosing of aqueous and organic liquids, aggressive media or liquid gases.
KNAUER dosing pumps are intregrated easily in your dosing application through a variety of interaces and also support independent control via display or touchscreen. Additionally, RFID technology for an automatic pump head recognition is available, simplifying setup and tracking maintenance intervals.

High pressure dosing pumps

KNAUER pumps are designed for feeding liquids under high pressure. A selection of pump heads is available for customized chemical compatibility with a wide range of liquids. Different flow rate ranges and an optimized pump design enable excellent performance and high flexibility for demanding low, medium, and high pressure dosing tasks. Pump heads can be exchanged quickly to adapt easily to changing applications.

High accuracy dosing pumps

Demanding metering applications for liquids with different viscosities or precise batch dosing tasks need a particularly exact control of the flow rate. Since KNAUER pumps support a wide variety of communication interfaces, their pumps can be combined with a range of mass flow controllers to meet these challenging demands. KNAUER pumps can also be easily integrated into pilot plants or process environments.


Aggressive liquids dosing pumps

Strong acids and bases are often required for different liquid applications. KNAUER offers pumps with a choice of different pump head materials which can be used for demanding dosing tasks. Furthermore the pump design allows an easy replacement of parts which come in contact with aggressive and corrosive chemicals.

This makes the KNAUER pumps ideal for metering aggressive liquids.


Highly viscous liquids dosing pumps

One important property of liquids is their viscosity and many pumps will struggle with highly viscous media. When bottling honey, it is typically heated moderately to reduce its viscosity, a principle applicable also to many other highly viscous liquids. If an increase of the liquid temperature is not suitable, pumps with a high engine performance will be required. KNAUER pumps with their powerful motor drives are adequate for these demanding conditions.


High temperature dosing pumps

Sometimes the supply of media or starting materials for a chemical reaction needs to be heated to properly meet the conditions of the process. This is where standard high pressure pumps can reach their limits. KNAUER dosing pumps withstand moderate liquid temperatures and can be equipped with thermally decoupled pump heads even for elevated temperatures.

It is also possible to equip the pump with a pump head heating device for temperature sensitive applications.


Low temperature dosing pumps

KNAUER pumps cover a wide range of different demands. Chemical compatibility and working temperatures are just two possible requirements. Pumping liquids at low temperatures may be required in flow chemistry or in various applications involving liquefied gases. The wetted parts of the KNAUER pumps are capable of working under these conditions. With an optional pump head cooling device these pumps are perfect for dosing or feeding of liquefied gases or cooled liquids


Biocompatible dosing pumps

Sensitive bioprocess applications requires pump equipment that will not interfere with the chemical and biological processes being carried out. KNAUER offers pump heads in a biocompatible titanium or ceramic version, enabling a wide range of sensitive applications in the pharmacy and biotechnology.

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