HPLC Kolonları

             Silikon üreticisi olarak girdiği kromatografi sektöründe Bonna-Agela Dünyanın sayılı kromatografi ürünleri üreticisi durumuna gelmiştir. Hemen hemen her sektöre ve aplikasyona hitap edebilen Bonna-Agela gerek ürün kalitesi gerek ise aplikasyon çeşitliliği bakımından kullanıcılar tarafından tercih edilmektedir.

Bonna-Agela Ürün Gamında;

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As one of the emerging leaders in chromatography technology, Bonna-Agela Technologies proudly presents fve series of the featured HPLC columns developed using our latest cutting-edge technologies. These products exhibit superior performance and are designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers.


Venusil Columns

Venusil HPLC columns are manufactured from the highest purity spherical silica particles on the market. The outstanding properties of the HPLC phases are results of subjecting high quality silica to Bonna-Agela’s innovative surface modificationand unique bonding processes. Our proprietary nanosurface modificationgenerates a very smooth and even surface. This reduces the interaction between the silica surface and polar compounds, resulting in symmetric peak shape even for very basic compounds. Based on this technology, a series of unique columns was developed to meet the tough requirements for the analysis of highly polar compounds. Lot-to-lot reproducibility is ensured by a stable bonding/end-capping process.

Venusil XBP | Venusil XBP COOH | Venusil ASB C18 | Venusil XBP(L) | Venusil XBP-C18 (2) | Venusil SCX | Venusil SAX | Venusil PAH | Venusil PFP | Venusil HLP| Venusil AQ

Unisol Columns

1.Unisol C18 – A type of column that is a true universal reverse phase column for the separation of acidic, basic, and neutral molecules. It has superior performance to any conventional C18 phases in almost every aspect.

2.Unisol Amide – A unique and universal C18 HPLC phase made by our patented Unisol Technology. This packing demonstrated unprecedented separation performance for compounds with a wide range of properties from hydrophilic to hydrophobic: polar, semi-polar and non-polar compounds.

Unisol C18 |Unisol Amide|

Promosil Columns

Using the silica of high-purity and high mechanical strength, the Promosil C18s are made with high-purity monosilane through Bonna-Agela Technologies’ well controlled bonding process. They have high surface bonding coverage and are completely capped. The carbon content is as much as 18%. They are stable at pH range 1.5-9.0 showing good peak shape for acidic and basic compounds. They have excellent tolerance to contamination and long life-time. They are the best choice of high performance-to-cost value.


Optimix Columns

A class of columns provides optimized selectivity and balanced retention for hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds. It delivers the extension of retaining polar compounds and non-excessive retention of strong hydrophobic molecules


Durashell Columns

A class of columns that can be used in a wide pH range of 1.0-12.0.


Innoval Columns


Specialized Column

Venusil PAH | |Venusil PFP |

Chiral Columns


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HPLC Kolonları